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Madagascar is a true natural sanctuary, an exceptional fauna and flora to discover which passionate naturalists. Travel to Madagascar is to discover the land of orchids, baobab's tree, endemic medicinal plants, the world's biggest butterfly, the famous land of lemurs and chameleons the smallest chameleons to the biggest that ever existed), the birds paradise. The best time to visit Madagascar begins April after the cyclones.

National Parks

Visit of several National Parks and Special Reserves of Madagascar. For example: Ankarafantsika , ANKARANA, Montagne d' Ambre , Isalo ,Ranomafana, Andringitra, Andasibe, Tsingy de Bemaraha

Natural Biodiversity

Madagascar are a true natural sanctuary to discover which passionate naturalists, the land of orchids, baobabs's tree, endemic medicinal plants. Moreover all our circuits can be modified and/or combinables.

Free Holidays

MADAGASCAR VISIT COMPANY suggest you adverse personalised stay in the Malagasy land. Above all discover Madagascar for free holidays, according to your taste, budget/mid- range or luxury and availability.


Birdwatching, or birding, is a form of wildlife observation in which the observation of birds is a recreational activity for travel to Madagascar.


Discover the world's biggest butterfly, the famous land of lemurs and chameleons, the smallest chameleons to the biggest that ever existed), and the birds paradise.


MADAGASCAR VISIT COMPANY offers you an unfavorable personalized stay in Madagascan land. And you just have to choose a tour to travel with us

Touristic Guide


Most importantly, are all independent tour guide who did the job for more than decades.

  • MADAGASCAR VISIT COMPANY lead by Lova Emadisson's wife, Johanna Emadisson, is a local tour company; an experienced local English/French speaking tour guide (see page 86 at Bradt Guide 10th édition)
  • MADAGASCAR VISIT COMPANY strives to provide a personal professional team for an unforgettable and peaceful holiday, to have a comfortable stay with tranquility and safety
  • Our first GOAL is to share and make people discover the beauty of our land with its welcoming and always smiling people, to be an responsible tourism to leave this country for future generation. We suggest you the best time to visit Madagascar.
  • In conclusion, other goal is to share the job to the local people like drivers, porters; localguids in the national park, because; being the main and first income for Madagascar. Tourism must provide financial benefits to the local people such as farmers; fishermen for their good consumed along your visit.
  • So, with family, single travelers, Friends, Group tour, you are always welcoming in Madagascar
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Tourism: The best time to visit Madagascar

Firstly Madagascar is a dream destination for nature lovers. It is a unique country, indeed it has a great biodiversity.Secondly the emblematic animal of the island is the lemur of course, in addition there are many other strange and wonderful creatures and plants: baobabs, insects, sharks, frogs, orchids, palm trees, birds, turtles, mongooses

May is one of the best months to visit Madagascar as it is not yet high season. The landscape is lush and vibrant and lemurs will be in full swing as they are no longer sheltering from the rain.

When you Visit Madagascar, our mission is to provide you with the best service and expertise possible for all of your travel needs.


National Park




Isalo Park


River Trip


Ankarana Special Reserve


North of Madagascar




Sainte Marie beach


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Our tours

MADAGASCAR VISIT COMPANY offers several types of circuits that will allow you to discover Madagascar in all its splendor

Lemur in Andasibe park


This tour allows you to discover the luxuriant and green landscape through tropical humid forest, the travelers' trees, palms and banana trees. MORE

The gorge of Bemaraha, and also the Tsingy of Bemaraha

WEST TOUR in Madagascar

WEST TOUR is for the people who loves adventures, natures, and specially the birds.The famous and unique Baobab Alley. The famous sunset in the baobab alley without forgetting the Fossa in freedom in Kirindy reserve MORE



SOUTH TOUR IN MADAGASCAR is done along the national road 7, this tour is one of the most popular destinations by visitors since it offers the best and variety of scenery across the mountains, the rice field in terrace, valleys, forest, canyon; different National park; and different cultures as you will pass through different tribes. MORE

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Condition for travel to Madagascar with me

  • Most importantly, the driving of the car on the road ends at 20H
  • Certainly passenger's number must be respected.
  • The cars that we offer will be compatible according to the itinerary
  • The car does not ride at night for a long distance except to eat
  • As a result we must respect the number of people agreed in the contract
  • A payment of 20% will be paid when booking the trip, and the rest payable on site before the trip
  • In case of cancellation, any amount paid is not refundable
  • Finally the drivers guides are not obliged to follow you in the parks because you already have local guides

The uniqueness of Madagascar's biodiversity continues to fascinate and eco tourists continue to travel safely across the Island.

When you contact us to Visit Madagascar, we will be in touch with you within 24 hours.